Very Welcome!

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Very happy about being booked for “Blacklist”

Had a great time with James Spader!

I play Dimitri Sarkowski in episode 311, the show starts its new round on 7th of january on NBC.


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Commercial Shoot

Very happy about being booked for the new commercial of “Mediacom Business”

I am the sinister chef of a secret organization, stroking his beloved white cat and fighting against the good people in the world, very funny. Latest in december on youtube. Update follows!!

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Feature Films in New York

I am participating in several Feature Film Shoots in New York:
“The Hard Candy Kid”, Dir. Jeffrey Beals,
“Club Tenderloin”, Dir. Bruce McKenna
and “Sparcity”, Dir. Tyler Oliver

Isn’t that nice?

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GZSZ and Lindenstreet

Two Guest Star Jobs, one in GZSZ and one in Lindenstreet, both commissioners, the one nemed Becker and the other one Feuerbach end 2014 and start 2015. Lets keep rolling!

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‘Midnight” Shoot

I am looking forward to shooting with the director Carlos Cardona. His film with the title “MIDNIGHT” is a story about a narcisstic musician, stricken in his own past. I will play the lead.

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Diary of a Badman

Director Diemiruaya Deniran honored me with a part in his new feature film “DIARY OF A BADMAN”.

“DIARY OF A BADMAN” wins best feature film at the “Jamaica Filmfestival”!!

BADMAN Insights


Demiran Films

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Shooting in New York

After shooting a Short with director Achim Neufeld from the NYU I am now preparing for the part of an american minister for a new webseries named “SPARCITY” under the directorial guidance of Tyler Oliver. Rock n Roll!

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In New York

I am glad that I’ve finally received my O1 Visa! From now on I will live in New York, with my wife and kids. I will continue my preparation for my performance “Jack Nicholson” at the Susan Batson Studio New York and I will teach at Susan’s various acting classes. Always in the Art!

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Max-Ophüls Filmfestival 2013

Fliegende Hechte

“Fliegende Hechte” (“Flying Pikes”) will be presented at the Max-Ophüls Filmfestival 2013, 21. bis 27. Januar, in Saarbrücken.

Director: Antoine Dengler

Cast: Kristian Nekrasov, Philipp Lind und Frederik Funke.

Dienstag, 22.01.13, 22:15 Cinestar 2
Mittwoch, 23.01.13, 14:30 Cinestar 2
Donnerstag, 24.01.13, 10:30 Cinestar 3
Sonntag, 27.01.13, 20:15 Cinestar 2

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Flying Pikes

In mid June 2012 Kristian Nekrasov is working in front of the camera for the film project “Flying pikes” of the Ludwigsburg Film Academy, portraying the role of Richard Gruber, the personnel manager of an international company.  Directed by Antoine Dengler.

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