Hello and very welcome, this is my blog:


Burning ManThis is going to be a jumpy blog, and since I am a native German, the language in this blog will be a crude mixture of high-level and low-level styles.

This blog is about my experiences as a foreigner in New York, especially my experiences as an actor and acting teacher. Its going to be a jumpy and contradictory story, because that’s what it is – living in this city is evrything but a one-way street.


So, here I am, finally after a long and nerve-wracking journey through time and space: Elizabethtown, immigration office. I am here for my ‘fingerprint’ appointement. In my 51 years of life I have been inside of a lot of offices, mostly in German “Ämtern”. Maybe its the same all over the world, but as soon as it comes to departements and administrative offices of any kind, you cant avoid to ask yourself after a minimum amount of 2 minutes: Why am I alive? What is the sense of life? How could it happen that the universe allowed humankind to create these places? The Christians dont tell you that you dont have to die in order to experience hell or the purgatory, no, you just have to go to a place like this – the immigration office in? yes: Elizabethtown.

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